Mental disorders are widespread in the population, associated with an enormous burden on those affected, and are of ever-increasing societal relevance. Processes of emotional experiences and emotional behavior are affected in all disorders.  Moreover, these affected processes play an essential role in role in the development, maintenance and treatment of mental disorders.

The realigned research program of the Chair of Clinical and Biological Psychology  and Psychotherapy focuses on the elucidation of disturbed emotional processes ocurring within mental illnesses. Our approach can thereby be summarized as follows:

  • Integrating fundamental research (laboratory experimental psychopathology) and application-oriented research (Psychotherapy Research)
  • Linking neuroscience and methods of social science
  • Investigation of different process levels (eg, self-reports, behavioral and physiological processes)

The work on our various research topics in the psychophysiological laboratory is characterized by numerous collaborations. In addition, the chair works closely with the Otto Selz Institute for Applied Psychology (OSI), especially with the psychological outpatient clinic. For current research projects of the Otto-Selz-Institute, click here.

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